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How might we improve sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing for young adults in Canada? 

Feel empowered to realize your health, wellbeing, and dignity with Better by Bumble. 

Young adults have been condemned to poor health and wellbeing, financial burden, and shame surrounding their sexual and reproductive health for far too long. Quality sex education, which has historically been inaccessible due to stigma and fear, is the key to addressing and preventing the root causes of negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes. By equipping people with the right information, Better by Bumble empowers individuals to better take care of their bodies. 

Better by Bumble is a digital learning platform that provides information, tools, and resources to support and enhance your Sexual and Reproductive Health. Choose learning modules relevant to your interests and goals, discover services in your area, and attract new matches on Bumble Date by earning our Sex-Ed Micro-Cred for your profile. 

 Because you deserve Better. 





The lack of sex education in Canadian schools has left citizens unable to articulate symptoms and without knowledge of possible diseases or conditions they could have. As a result, young adults are experiencing a lower quality of life with high rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections and a median wait time of 8 years to be diagnosed and treated for reproductive conditions. By providing accessible, timely, and medically accurate sex education to young adults across the country, we obtain a lifetime of improved sexual health and wellbeing, reduce sexuality- and gender-based violence, create prosperous financial outcomes, and empower a generation. 


Better by Bumble is a digital learning platform that provides information, tools, and resources to support and enhance your Sexual and Reproductive Health. Users can realize their sexual health and wellbeing through our variety of personalized learning modules, quizzes, and articles backed by medical professionals and experts in the field. Go beyond your device with easy access to a comprehensive, interactive map of Sexual Health services in your area, or go the extra mile by earning a Sex Ed. Micro Cred for your Bumble Date profile.  


By strategically placing Better’s services within Bumble, users can comfortably interact with a familiar, trustworthy service that emphasizes empowerment, equality, confidence, and personal growth. Individuals that use Better by Bumble’s services can anticipate a better quality of life as a result of the timely, accessible, and medically accurate sexual health services and comprehensive sexuality education that Better provides. Further, Better by Bumble users on Bumble Date can strengthen their connections and develop healthy, respectful relationships by matching with fellow Sex Ed. Micro Cred earners.  




Sydney is a creative problem solver, fearless question asker, and legally Cool(ing) human from Toronto, ON. Sydney is incredibly passionate about every creative opportunity she can be involved in, with an emphasis on Service Design, UI/UX Design, and UX Research. Sydney brings enthusiasm, empathy, and curiosity to every project and team she is a part of. Through research, strategy and creativity, Sydney seeks to design solutions that will enrich the lives of others; most of all, she is passionate about connecting the right information to the right people at the right time. She really loves what she does. 





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